Saturday, November 12, 2011


Yes, in fact, I want you to lose your job.  In fact, I want me to lose my job too.  Not because I don`t like you or because I don`t like the work that I do; I probably would like you if I knew you and I love the work I do.  The problem is that our jobs are really fixer upper jobs.  The jobs I would like to see gone (and I am not actually thinking they will be gone any time soon!) are all the jobs in the industry of fixing dog problems.

If you work in a shelter or rescue, I want your job.  I want to shut all the rescues and shelters.  When your building is empty, and there are no more barking dogs looking for new homes, your job will be obsolete.  When every dog starts out in the home that he dies in, you won`t be needed any more and you can find something else to do with your days. 

If you work with families who live with dogs with behaviour problems, I want your job (and am willing to lose my job too).  I want every puppy to go to a loving family who will take great care to choose the right dog, socialize it, train it, and live and love and play and work with him.  Yes, if you are fixing dog behaviour problems, I want your job. 

If you are a dog catcher, animal control officer or humane society inspector, I want your job too.  I would like everyone who is involved with dogs to care deeply for them and to take care of them too.  Yes, if you are involved in animal control, I would like to have your job.

If you breed indiscriminately, and place without thought or consideration for the implications, I would like to have your job.  I would like there to be no more market for your services.  If you work in a pet store that sells puppies (or other pets come to think of it!), I would like you to be out of work too.

The bottom line is that we need as a society to do a better job of meeting the needs of the dogs we share our lives with.  Our dogs deserve to have good genetics, safe homes and good food every day.  They deserve good veterinary care, and training and education and someone who likes them and likes to do stuff with them.  They deserve to share their lives with people who care and have time for them.  And if every dog started out with his needs being met, and a plan for what will happen in the event that his family`s life goes haywire.

And in exchange for this little dream of mine?  Well, I guess I would be willing to do something other than what I now do for a living.  I just don’t see it happening any time soon. 

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